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Психотерапия: учебник для вузов

Жанр: psy_theraphy
Автор: Леонид Бурлачук
Учебник предназначен для студентов и аспирантов, обучающихся по специальности «Психология», представляет интерес для врачей и практикующих психотерапевтов.

7 чудес радуги. Практическая цветотерапия

Жанр: psy_theraphy
Автор: Виктория Надина
Воспарите над буднями!

Будь стройной всегда. Практическая психотерапия на каждый день

Жанр: psy_theraphy
Автор: Василий Леонов
Позволь себе с легкостью быть красивой!

Игра в тренинге. Возможности игрового взаимодействия

Жанр: psy_theraphy
Автор: Владимир Плешаков
3-е издание.

Signalling by Inositides: A Practical Approach

Жанр: psy_theraphy
Автор: Stephen Shears
The metabolism and functions of inositol phosphates impinge on various branches of biochemistry, physiology, and molecular biology, and methodological information is in consequence scattered far and wide. This book unites a selection of the most fundamental and commonly used techniques from leading international signal transduction laboratories, and brings together many valuable protocols for purifying and assaying inositides and related compounds. A novel feature isa catalogue of non-commercial sources of synthetic inositide analogues.

Mutation Detection: A Practical Approach

Жанр: psy_theraphy
Автор: S. Forrest
Mutation detection is increasingly undertaken in a wide spectrum of research areas: in medicine it is fundamental in isolating disease genes and diagnbosis, and is especially important in cancer research; in biology, commercially important genes can be identified by the mutations they contain. But mutation detection is time-consuming and expensive. This volume offers the latest tried and tested protocols for a range of detection methods, from the labs of the leadingresearchers in the field.

Subcellular Fractionation: A Practical Approach

Жанр: psy_theraphy
Автор: D. Rickwood
Many investigations into the structure and function of cells and tissues require the isolation of a particular membrane or subcellular component (organelle). This book covers all the necessary aspects, from breaking up the cells (homogenization), via a variety of separation techniques (the isolation and fractionation chapters), to characterization of the separated organelles.

Miraculous Conformist: Valentine Greatrakes, the Body Politic, and the Politics of Healing in Restoration Britain

Жанр: psy_theraphy
Автор: Peter Elmer
In 1666 Valentine Greatrakes achieved brief but widespread fame as a miracle healer. Dubbed the Stroker, he is widely believed to have touched and cured thousands of men, women, and children suffering from a large range of acute diseases and chronic conditions. His actions attracted the attention of the King, Charles II, as well as other eminent figures at court and in the various institutions of government and learning, including the newly founded Royal Society.However, there was little consensus as to the nature and origin of his gift and, following a brief period of intense lobbying on his behalf, he retired to Ireland and relative obscurity.Most histories of this period rarely grant the strange events surrounding the appearance of Greatrakes much more than an occasional footnote. Here, however, for the first time the compelling story of Greatrakes the man, and his place in the history of seventeenth-century Britain, is told in full for the first time. Based on extensive research in Irish and English archives, it reveals a fascinating account of one mans engagement with, and response to, some of the most important events of theperiod, including the Irish Rebellion of 1641, the English civil wars, the Cromwellian Conquest of Ireland, and the Restoration of 1660. In the process, it shows how Greatrakes claims to heal the bodies of the sick and maimed were in large part a response to broader divisions within the fractured bodypolitic of Britain - an approach that was enthusiastically received by many prominent figures in church and state who were eager to seek reconciliation and rapprochement in the early years of the Restoration.

Networks: A Very Short Introduction

Жанр: psy_theraphy
Автор: Michele Catanzaro
From ecosystems to Facebook, from the Internet to the global financial market, some of the most important and familiar natural systems and social phenomena are based on a networked structure. It is impossible to understand the spread of an epidemic, a computer virus, large-scale blackouts, or massive extinctions without taking into account the network structure that underlies all these phenomena. In this Very Short Introduction, Guido Caldarelli and Michele Catanzaro discuss the nature and variety of networks, using everyday examples from society, technology, nature, and history to explain and understand the science of network theory. They show the ubiquitous role of networks; how networks self-organize; why the rich get richer; and how networks can spontaneously collapse. They conclude by highlighting how the findings of complex network theory have very wide and importantapplications in genetics, ecology, communications, economics, and sociology. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

Architecture of Innovation: The Economics of Creative Organizations

Жанр: psy_theraphy
Автор: Christopher Welna
The developed world is struggling with unsustainable promises and unappealing choices, and sustained economic growth represents one of the few ways out. And over the centuries, growth in advanced economies has been strongly linked to innovation.Despite the vast amounts written about innovation over the years, understanding of its drivers remains surprisingly limited. This book, by top Harvard Business School professor Josh Lerner, seeks to remedy this shortfall. It highlights that while organizational economists have made strides in understanding what combinations of incentives and organization structure can encourage innovative breakthroughs, many of these insights have not yet received the attention they deserve in the real world,or been developed in ways that can easily be applied in real situations. The author focuses on two models for encouraging innovation, the corporate research laboratory and the start-up. Each model, while proven and successful, also faces significant challenges and ambiguities. A central argument isthat there remains considerable potential for hybrids between these two approaches.This book draws on important research in economics and reviews different approaches to innovation, combining this with a series of case examples to explore the challenges that face start up firms, large firms, and nations. It is essential reading for anybody faced with the challenge of innovation.

Oxford Handbook of Holocaust Studies

Жанр: psy_theraphy
Автор: John K. Roth
Few scholarly fields have developed in recent decades as rapidly and vigorously as Holocaust Studies. At the start of the twenty-first century, the persecution and murder perpetrated by the Nazi regime have become the subjects of an enormous literature in multiple academic disciplines and a touchstone of public and intellectual discourse in such diverse fields as politics, ethics and religion. Forward-looking and multi-disciplinary, this handbook draws on the work ofan international team of forty-seven outstanding scholars. The handbook is thematically divided into five broad sections. Part One, Enablers, concentrates on the broad and necessary contextual conditions for the Holocaust. Part Two, Protagonists, concentrates on the principal persons and groups involved in the Holocaust and attempts to disaggregate the conventional interpretive categories of perpetrator, victim, and bystander. It examines the agency of the Nazi leaders and killers and of those involved in resisting and surviving theassault. Part Three, Settings, concentrates on the particular places, sites, and physical circumstances where the actions of the Holocausts protagonists and the forms of persecution were literally grounded. Part Four, Representations, engages complex questions about how the Holocaust can and should be grasped and whatmeaning or lack of meaning might be attributed to events through historical analysis, interpretation of texts, artistic creation and criticism, and philosophical and religious reflection. Part Five, Aftereffects, explores the Holocausts impact on politics and ethics, education and religion, national identities and international relations, the prospects for genocide prevention, and the defense of human rights.

Здоровье в голове, а не в аптеке

Жанр: psy_theraphy
Автор: Александр Свияш
Эта книга поможет вам понять, откуда берутся болезни, каким образом вы сами создали себе то здоровье, которое имеете сегодня. Путь для возвращения красоты и молодости автор предлагает искать в голове, а не в аптеке!

Многоликий гипноз

Жанр: psy_theraphy
Автор: Олег Иванов

Геометрия переживаний. Конструктивный рисунок человека в психотерапевтической практике

Жанр: psy_theraphy
Автор: Андрей Ермошин
Книга «Геометрия переживаний. Конструктивный рисунок человека в психотерапевтической практике» – бесценное пособие для психотерапевтов, психологов, врачей, а также для всех тех, кто желает помочь себе и окружающим людям избавиться от груза травмирующих переживаний.

Вещи в теле. Психотерапевтический метод работы с ощущениями

Жанр: psy_theraphy
Автор: Андрей Ермошин
В книге «Вещи в теле» читатель найдет подробное описание методики, проиллюстрированное множеством примеров из реальной психотерапевтической практики. Издание адресовано широкому кругу читателей: специалистам – психотерапевтам, психологам и врачам, а также всем тем, кто ищет пути решения собственных проблем или хочет помочь другим.

Записки духовного авантюриста

Жанр: psy_theraphy
Автор: Рами Блект
Очень личная, открытая и мудрая автобиографическая книга автора Рами Блекта, написанная с юмором и о самых главных сферах жизни: семье, работе, здоровом образе жизни, правильном питании, образовании. В книге собраны личные мысли, истории и ответы на самые важные вопросы. Автор очень искренен в обращении к читателю, его вера и безусловная любовь к людям вдохновляют следовать его примеру, помогают обрести себя и перейти на новый духовный уровень.

Основы практической психологии и педагогики для бакалавров. Учебное пособие

Жанр: psy_theraphy
Автор: Сергей Дружилов
Для студентов технических вузов, обучающихся по направлению «бакалавриат», изучающих дисциплину «Психология и педагогика», входящую в ФГОС третьего поколения. Учебное пособие может быть использовано студентами вузов непсихологического профиля, изучающими дисциплины психолого-педагогического цикла, преподавателями вузов и колледжей.

Электросудорожная терапия в психиатрии, наркологии и неврологии

Жанр: psy_theraphy
Автор: Александр Нельсон
Для психиатров, наркологов, анестезиологов, неврологов, нейрофизиологов, производителей медицинского оборудования, организаторов здравоохранения.

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