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Шпаргалка по внешнеэкономической деятельности

Жанр: global_economy
Автор: Оксана Бобкова
Издание подготовлено совместно с Издательским центром IPR MEDIA www.iprmedia.ru

Как перевести российскую отчетность в международный стандарт

Жанр: global_economy
Автор: Ольга Соснаускене
Книга ориентирована на руководителей организаций, работников бухгалтерских и планово-экономических служб.

Международное частное право

Жанр: global_economy
Автор: Ирина Гетьман-Павлова
В учебнике рассматриваются вопросы теории международного частного права – понятие, предмет, система, метод, источники, вопросы коллизионного права, анализируются специальные институты и подотрасли международного частного права. В отдельную часть выделены вопросы международного гражданского процесса и международного коммерческого арбитража.

Международный учет и аудит

Жанр: global_economy
Автор: Светлана Галузина
Книга предназначена для студентов высших учебных заведений, обучающихся по экономическим специальностям, а также для специалистов – экономистов, бухгалтеров, аудиторов.

Grounded Innovation

Жанр: global_economy
Автор: Lars Erik Holmquist
Grounded Innovation: Strategies for Creating Digital Products focuses on the innovation processes and technical properties of digital products. Drawing on case studies, the book looks at systematic ways to ground innovation in both technology and human needs, and it explores how digital products have become integrated in the real world. It provides guidelines to innovation in a new technical environment, including prototyping and testing, within the cultural or financial parameters of a business. The book is divided into two parts. Part 1 discusses the history and the basic properties of digital products; the different approaches to innovation; the concept of grounded innovation; and concepts and processes that are important for creating successful innovations such as inquiry, invention, and prototyping. Part 2 demonstrates how the basic properties of digital products can be used as raw material for new innovations, including interaction, networking, sensing, and proactivity. There is also a discussion on recent technology, such as rapid prototyping and mobile mash-ups. A wide variety of examples show how novel technical and conceptual innovations became commercial breakthroughs. Grounded Innovation is ideal for product designers, interaction designers, and design-oriented engineers. It will also be a valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding how digital products are created and in a general approach to information technology. Wide variety of examples show how novel technical and conceptual innovations became commercial breakthroughsProvides guidelines to innovation in a new technical environment including prototyping and testingDiscusses how to innovate within the cultural or financial parameters of a business


Жанр: global_economy
Автор: Donald E. Westlake
Dortmunder has a job offer. He's been hired by third parties to pull off heists in the past, but never to lay his hands on anything this peculiar. It is the 800 year old femur of a 16-year-old girl who who, having been killed and eaten by her own family, was made a saint by the Church. Now two European countries and the Catholic church are fighting like dogs over it. This bone, the femur of St Ferghana, is a holy relic claimed by two newly-created European nations, Tsergovia and Votskojek. The relic will be awarded to one of the two countries, which will then be admitted to the United Nations. Dortmunder and his gang are working for the Tersgovians.As usual, nothing goes according to plan. How will this free-for-all end? Don't ask.


Жанр: global_economy
Автор: Richard Stark
Melander likes to do things flashy. When Parker finds himself working with Melander on a bank heist in a mid-sized midwestern city, his job is throwing a Molotov cocktail into a gas station. The resulting explosion sends the cops and fire trucks to the east side of town, while Melander and his gang plunder the bank on the west side. But Parker doesn't care for Melander's plan for a new heist, one that will clean out Palm Beach of a lot of very expensive jewelry. What Parker really dislikes is Melander's intention to use the proceeds from the bank job to capitalize the Palm Beach job... including Parker's cut. Melander is very polite about Parker's disinterest, and very sincere about paying him his share... with interest... after the jewelry job goes down. But that's not the way Parker works. Now he's tailing the gang down South, with a plan for getting his own back... and the entire swag of gems besides.

Spa Decameron

Жанр: global_economy
Автор: Fay Weldon
Ten high achieving ladies are gathered together in the week between Christmas and the New Year, at the expensive Castle Spa, seeking, through Botox, aromatherapy and general all round pampering, a new beginning to their lives.The Ladies lounge around in the Jacuzzi, drinking champagne and eating chocolate telling each other the stories of their lives. Starting with the Trophy wife's tale: her spell in a Greek prison has left her in serious need of a makeover; the Brain Surgeon's tale: of twins and mistaken identity; the Judge's tale: of the sex change which allowed him to judge the pleasures of the bedchamber from both male and female perspectives. The manicurist, the public speaker, the journalist, the company director, the ex vicar's wife, the screenwriter, all share their stories, ending with the stepmother's tale, a reversal of Cinderella's fate, with the stepmother as victim Sparkling, witty, always compassionate and occasionally libidinous, Fay Weldon's new novel recalls Boccaccio's late medieval masterwork, The Decameron. Boccaccio dedicated his book to the ladies of his time, who were forced to hide their amorous passions under a veil of discretion, while men were free to indulge theirs.


Жанр: global_economy
Автор: Fay Weldon
I read my daughter's diaries the other day. Let me share with you. You may think you know pretty much what's going on in your own family. Believe me, you do not.'Sappho was so happy when she married Gavin. She was in love and it seemed that at last everything was falling into place. But she hadn't considered his daughter, Isobel. She is a delightful, charming girl who spends her school holidays caring for the elderly and is the apple of Gavin's eye. Now cast in the role of Wicked Stepmother, Sappho tries all she can to befriend Isobel and find her place in the new family. It's not easy, but no one had promised it would be. Sappho perseveres. But she has a history, and the history works against her. When it becomes clear that, contrary to popular belief, it is Isobel who steals Gavin's love and attention, and Sappho who must fight for his affection, Sappho is at a loss. How can she win her husband back?With warmth, wit and her unique insights into the workings of the female mind, Fay Weldon has written a brilliant, unsettling new novel about family life today.


Жанр: global_economy
Автор: Matt Rubenstein
In the crypt of an old church, a translator and linguist uncovers a vellum-bound, illuminated manuscript. Written in an unknown alphabet, Jack's not sure if his discovery is a hoax, a code, or even the only written record of a long-forgotten language, but he's determined to unlock the manuscript's secrets.Scribbled marginalia reveal he's not the first to try - his predecessors are shadowy figures, monks from furtive religious orders, cryptographers and alchemists. Seduced by the lure of the unknown, Jack is drawn ever deeper into the manuscript's labyrinthine past - to the crusades, to the great Library of Alexandria and perhaps even further back But is each new turn in the labyrinth only taking him further from the truth?Intoxicated by his quest, Jack is lead into ever-darker territory. Nearing the heart of the mystery, he can feel sinister forces gathering and his life disintegrating. To save his life and his mind, he has no choice but to break the cipher and reveal the manuscript's ultimate truth

Международные стандарты финансовой отчетности: учебное пособие

Жанр: global_economy
Автор: Марина Минаева
Для преподавателей финансовых вузов и студентов, изучающих дисциплину «Международные стандарты финансовой отчетности», а также для специалистов по МСФО.

Практикум по международному маркетингу

Жанр: global_economy
Автор: Олег Беленов
Для студентов, аспирантов, преподавателей экономических факультетов вузов.

Учет и аудит внешнеэкономической деятельности

Жанр: global_economy
Автор: Надежда Пашук
Для студентов специальности «Бухгалтерский учет, анализ и аудит» очной и заочной форм обучения. Может использоваться студентами иных специальностей экономического направления для самостоятельного изучения материала курса.

Межрегиональное сотрудничество как фактор интеграционных процессов России и Республики Беларусь

Жанр: global_economy
Автор: Валерий Асанович
Материалы книги могут быть использованы органами власти и управления всех уровней, в чьей компетенции находится экономическое взаимодействие с зарубежными партнерами. Книга предназначена также специалистам, политикам, преподавателям, аспирантам, студентам – всем, кто интересуется интеграционными процессами, происходящими между Россией и Белоруссией.

Налоговые системы в странах Европейского Союза

Жанр: global_economy
Автор: Олим Абдурахманов

Таможенно-тарифное регулирование внешнеэкономической деятельности и таможенная стоимость

Жанр: global_economy
Автор: Михаил Цветинский
Для студентов, аспирантов, преподавателей экономических специальностей вузов, специалистов, занимающихся внешнеторговой деятельностью, а также широкого круга лиц, интересующихся вопросами внешней торговли и ее влиянием на развитие национальной экономики.

Регулирование международной торговли услугами

Жанр: global_economy
Автор: Ольга Бирюкова
Для студентов и преподавателей, аспирантов, научных сотрудников, представителей организаций и ведомств, а также специалистов, деятельность которых связана с международной торговлей.

Геополитика Китая: эгоцентризм и пространство сетей

Жанр: global_economy
Автор: Е. Грачиков
В монографии рассматриваются основные компоненты такого сложного феномена глобального политического ландшафта, как геополитика Китая. Анализируются истоки китайской геополитики, геополитическое значение границ страны, государственные интересы, сухопутные и морские проблемы, идентичность в мировой политике, этапы смены внешнеполитических стратегий. Особенностью данного исследования является широкое использование оригинальных китайских источников. Для специалистов и широкого круга читателей, интересующихся актуальными вопросами геополитики, международных отношений и внешней политики Китая.

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