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Жанр: Разное
Автор: Емец Дмитрий Александрович
Предводитель ведьмарей Гай выглядит как обычный, ничем не примечательный человек, но это лишь на первый взгляд. На самом деле Гаю пятьсот лет, когдато он предал Шныр, заключил договор с могущественным эльбом и с тех пор ищет способ прорваться в параллельный мир, двушку, чтобы захватить его, присвоить, поработить. И кажется, Гай уже очень близок к своей цели, недаром все силы ведьмарей стянуты в Екатеринбург к геологическому музею. Значит, Сашке, Улу и Родиону во что бы то ни стало нужно узнать, что же такого нашел там Гай.

Вся правда о нас

Жанр: Разное
Автор: Фрай Макс
Следует признать, что в названии книги содержится некоторое преувеличение. Вся правда обо всех сразу в одну книгу просто не помещается. Но мы очень старались и рассказали столько правды, сколько смогли: о персонажах, о Мире, о магии, о времени, о смерти и бессмертии, о проклятиях, об отчаянии и о любви. Результатом наших усилий стал удивительный эффект: прочитав эту книгу, читатель получит шанс узнать всю правду о себе. Кто-то сразу, кто-то — годы спустя, кто-то во сне, кто-то наяву. Но узнает непременно. Тем лучше: лишняя порция новых устрашающих знаний никогда не повредит.  

Чародольский браслет (Быть ведьмой)

Жанр: Разное
Автор: Щерба Наталья Васильевна
Непросто быть ведьмой в карпатских краях. А если при этом у тебя доброе сердце и обостренное чувство справедливости – то все, пиши пропало! Но судьбу не выбирают, и обыкновенной современной девушке Татьяне придется попытать счастья в древнем колдовском деле, найти свою настоящую любовь, разгадать самую страшную тайну в мире и при этом остаться в живых!

Guide My Feet

Жанр: Разное
Автор: Marian Wright Edelman
The founder of the Children's Defense Fund and author ofThe Measure of Our Successpresents prayers and meditations to inspire all those, such as parents, teachers, and ministers, who work on the behalf of children.Marian Wright Edelman, founder and president of the Children's Defense Fund, is one of the most important moral leaders in America. Her first book,The Measure of Our Successwas a #1New York Timesbestsellerspending 16 weeks on the list, selling more than 450,000 copies and garnering spectacular praise from Hillary Clinton, Maya Angelou, and Oprah Winfrey.Guide My Feetcontinues her crusade for the well-being of America's children by providing a counterweight to the lesson society is teaching this generation of childrento be soulless takers instead of empowered givers.Guide My Feetis a collection of prayers and meditations gathered from Edelman's own holiday rituals and experiences and the writings of such inspiring leaders as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, and Frederick Douglass. It urges readers to commit to and pray for strength and patience, and offers solace and direction for parents troubled by the commercialism and violence running rampant in today's society. Filled with wisdom, compassion and understanding, it provides an important spiritual and moral resource all caregivers can turn to as they strive to instill values, integrity, self-discipline and faith in children.

Like One of the Family

Жанр: Разное
Автор: Alice Childress
Like One of the Family, which provides historical context for Kathryn Stockett's novel, The Help, is comprised of a series of conversations between Mildred, a black domestic, and her friend Marge. They create a vibrant picture of the life of a black working woman in New York in the 1950s.Rippling with satire and humor, Mildred's outspoken accounts capture vividly her white employers' complacency and condescensionand startled reactions to a maid who speaks her mind. As Mildred declares to a patronizing employer that she is not just like one of the family, or explains to Marge how a tricky employer has created a system of ';half days off' to cheat her help, we gain a glimpse not only of one woman's day to day struggle, but of her previous ache of racial oppression. A domestic who refuses to exchange dignity for pay, Mildred is an inspiring conversationalist, a dragon slayer in a segregated world. The conversations in the book were first published in Freedom, the newspaper edited by Paul Robeson, and later in the Baltimore Afro-American. The book was originally published in the 1950s by in Brooklynbased Independence Press, and Beacon Press brought out a new edition of it in 1986 with an introduction by the literary and cultural critic Trudier Harris.From the Trade Paperback edition.

City in Terror

Жанр: Разное
Автор: Rosalind Russell
On September 9, 1919, an American nightmare came true. The entire Boston police force deserted their posts, leaving the city virtually defenseless. Women were raped on street corners, stores were looted, and pedestrians were beaten and robbed while crowds not only looked on but cheered. The police strike and the mayhem that followed made an inconspicuous governor, Calvin Coolidge, known throughout America, turning him into a national hero and, eventually, a president. It also created a monster: for two days, more than 700,000 residents of Boston's urban core were without police protection, and the mob ruled the streets.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Many Children Left Behind

Жанр: Разное
Автор: Deborah Meier
Signed into law in 2002, the federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) promised to revolutionize American public education. Originally supported by a bipartisan coalition, it purports to improve public schools by enforcing a system of standards and accountability through high-stakes testing. Many people supported it originally, despite doubts, because of its promise especially to improve the way schools serve poor children. By making federal funding contingent on accepting a system of tests and sanctions, it is radically affecting the life of schools around the country.But, argue the authors of this citizen's guide to the most important political issue in education, far from improving public schools and increasing the ability of the system to serve poor and minority children, the law is doing exactly the opposite. Here some of our most prominent, respected voices in education-including school innovator Deborah Meier, education activist Alfie Kohn, and founder of the Coalition of Essential Schools Theodore R. Sizer-come together to show us how, point by point, NCLB undermines the things it claims to improve:* How NCLB punishes rather than helps poor and minority kids and their schools * How NCLB helps further an agenda of privatization and an attack on public schools * How the focus on testing and test preparation dumbs down classrooms * And they put forward a richly articulated vision of alternatives.Educators and parents around the country are feeling the harshly counterproductive effects of NCLB. This book is an essential guide to understanding what's wrong and where we should go from here.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Storming Caesars Palace

Жанр: Разное
Автор: Annelise Orleck
The inspirational and little-known story of welfare mothers in Las Vegas, America's Sin City, who crafted an original response to poverty-from the ground upIn Storming Caesars Palace, historian Annelise Orleck tells the compelling story of how a group of welfare mothers built one of this country's most successful antipoverty programs. Declaring


Жанр: Разное
Автор: Kevin Jennings
Long before Kevin Jennings began advocating to end anti-LGBT bias in schools, he was a victim of it. In Mama's Boy, Preacher's Son, Jennings traces the roots of his activism to his elementary school days in the conservative South, where


Жанр: Разное
Автор: Penny Coleman
With the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, once again America's men and women who have seen war close-up are suddenly expected to return seamlessly to civilian life. In Flashback, Penny Coleman tells the cautionary and timely story of posttraumatic stress disorder in the hope that we can sensitively assist those veterans who return from combat in need of help, and the families struggling to support them.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Confessions of the Other Mother

Жанр: Разное
Автор: Harlyn Aizley
A 2006 Lambda Literary finalist in the LGBT anthology categoryAfter author Harlyn Aizley gave birth to her daughter, she watched in unanticipated horror as her partner scooped up the baby and said,

Souls in the Hands of a Tender God

Жанр: Разное
Автор: Craig Rennebohm
Since 1987, Craig Rennebohm has ministered to people on the streets of Seattle who are homeless and struggling with mental illness. In Souls in the Hands of a Tender God, he tells the evocative stories of persons who desperately need psychiatric, psychological, and spiritual support-like Mary, who surrounds herself with huge trash bags for protection from a threatening world; Jerry, whose fits of rage get him barred from every shelter and meal program in Seattle; and others, abandoned and marginalized by their community, who need care and treatment to find their way back to a life of stability and meaning. As Rennebohm reaches out to each one, their stories become parables that explore mental illness and the spiritual heart of care and recovery, helping us understand what it means to be human, on a pilgrimage together toward wholeness.As these stories unfold, we encounter Rennebohm's powerful experiences with a God of kindness and compassion, drawn from his own life and the lives of those he has aided in their struggles with homelessness and with mental illness. Souls in the Hands of a Tender God offers a clear understanding of Spirit, faith, soul, and religion that will prove invaluable to individual conversations and to dialogue among congregations about how we can best serve

Love in Condition Yellow

Жанр: Разное
Автор: Sophia Raday
Go on a date with a soldier turned police officer? Me? And discuss Gandhi's experiments with truth with a gun-toting Republican? The last thing Berkeley-dwelling peace activist Sophia Raday expected was to fall in love with a straightlaced Oakland police officer. As someone who had run away from cops dressed in riot gear at protests, Sophia was ambivalent, to say the least, at the prospect of dating Barrett, who was not only a cop but also a West Point graduate, an Airborne Ranger, and a major in the Army Reserve. During their courtship the two argued about many of the matters that divide the United States, things like drug policy and race relations. Startled by the freedom she found in a relationship of differences, by the challenge of sparring with Barrett, and by his steadfast acceptance of her, Sophia unwittingly fell in love. Then, just when Sophia believed her family was starting a new chapter with the birth of their son, came September 11. Barrett's belief that he must always stay in Condition Yellowthe terminology coined by his favorite Guns


Жанр: Разное
Автор: Mary Oliver
Never afraid to shed the pretense of academic poetry, never shy of letting the power of an image lie in unadorned language, Mary Oliver offers us poems of arresting beauty that reflect on the power of love and the great gifts of the natural world. Inspired by the familiar lines from William Wordsworth,

Lonely Soldier

Жанр: Разное
Автор: Helen Benedict
The Lonely Soldier--the inspiration for the documentary The Invisible War--vividly tells the stories of five women who fought in Iraq between 2003 and 2006--and of the challenges they faced while fighting a war painfully alone.More American women have fought and died in Iraq than in any war since World War Two, yet as soldiers they are still painfully alone. In Iraq, only one in ten troops is a woman, and she often serves in a unit with few other women or none at all. This isolation, along with the military's deep-seated hostility toward women, causes problems that many female soldiers find as hard to cope with as war itself: degradation, sexual persecution by their comrades, and loneliness, instead of the camaraderie that every soldier depends on for comfort and survival. As one female soldier said,

Red Bird

Жанр: Разное
Автор: Mary Oliver
Mary Oliver's twelfth book of poetry,Red Birdcomprises sixty-one poems, the most ever in a single volume of her work. Overflowing with her keen observation of the natural world and her gratitude for its gifts, for the many people she has loved in her seventy years, as well as for her disobedient dog Percy,Red Birdis a quintessential collection of Oliver's finest lyrics.

A to Z of the Crusades

Жанр: Разное
Автор: Corliss K. Slack
During the late 11th through the early 14th centuries at least seven major expeditions were made between Western Europe and the Holy Land with the goal of ending Muslim control of Jerusalem. Ultimately the crusaders were driven out, but not before a cultural exchange had taken place that had an immense impact on Western Europe and an equally enormous, albeit less positive, impact on Arabs and the Islamic world. Although the crusades occurred many centuries ago, echoes still resound through the current clashes of nations and ideologies, kidnappings for ransom, assassinations, and the declaring of 'jihad'_all making the crusades an eminently timely subject. This one-volume overview provides an accessible reference work for scholars, students, and general readers on the period with numerous entries on key persons, places, events, battles and sieges, use of weapons and armor, and the deeper issues of the political and cultural background. Complete with a detailed chronology and a bibliography, this work allows readers to learn how Europe was changed forever by these battles with Islam.

A to Z of the War of 1812

Жанр: Разное
Автор: Robert Malcomson
The War of 1812 was an extremely complicated war motivated by British seizures of American vessels and goods, American desire to expand into Canada, and impressment of American sailors into the British Navy. However, these are merely the immediate causes. To fully understand the War of 1812, one must delve deeper into history. This book does just that, as it covers the period leading up to the war (1803-1812) and the events of the war itself (1812-1815) through the use of a dictionary consisting of more than 1,400 cross-referenced entries covering descriptions of engagements, ships, weaponry, the compositions of regiments, significant political and military figures, and a full list of key places, issues and terms. Also included are a chronology of events, an introductory essay, and a comprehensive bibliography, subdivided by topic and fully annotated.

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