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Ever feel alone? Ever feel relationships are something other people have but they just work out for you? Do you spend time with your pets because you don't have anyone else? If so this 7 Minute Read on Relationships can change your life within minutes. Relationships are tricky. A delicate balance is required. All too often, the needs of one person are given higher priority than another's. Whether the relationship is between a couple, a group of friends, or a parent and child, everyone's needs must be met for the relationship to work for everyone. What you'll learn in this life-changing and love-affirming book is that all of your relationships start with YOU! If you're always pleasing someone else, you aren't being yourself. If you aren't yourself, you aren't going to come across as genuine. If you don't present yourself as genuine, your relationship will fail because the other person will quickly realize that you're faking it-and yet, the only reason you're faking it is because you want them to like you! Sound familiar? If so, just 7 minutes from now you'll the tools you need to make major changes in your relationships. You'll learn how your behavior and communication style affect the outcome of your relationships, and how to open positive lines of communication that will lead to successful relationships. Successful relationships are just moments away. Your future-the one you want-is within your grasp. Reach out now and grab it!


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