12-1 Ultimate Collection-Special Edition

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Автор: 7 Minute Reads

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It isn't easy to jump-start enthusiasm for much of anything, especially in a depressed economy. But instead of behaving like a badger or a bear (digging in and hunkering down until the bad weather blows over), successful people inspire their desire-they keep priming the pump-and when they do, sure enough, the water flows!If you're hunkered down, you're going nowhere. In 7 Minute Reads: Success: Inspire the Desire you'll discover why you mindset is the most valuable-and potentially the most troublesome-asset you have. The proper mindset is absolutely crucial to achieving success. In fact, mindset is the primary difference between rich and poor (financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually)In 7 Minute Reads: Success: Inspire the Desire you'll learn the rules for cultivating a positive mindset and inspiring yourself daily. You'll learn why successful people never worry about the economy or what's around the corner. You'll learn why fearing failure is foolish. (No one fails who fails to learn from their missteps and setbacks!) You'll be able to ask yourself the seven questions successful people have already answered so their minds and hearts lead them unfailingly to success. You'll learn how to inspire yourself and others. You'll learn the distinct difference between


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